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About Us

cat boarding grooming cattery kennel kitten kitty naples fl floridaWelcome to A Cat's Dream Treehouse. I'm Gracie, and my mom, Jill Schaus, designed this awesome place for cats to stay while their parents are gone.

First, let me tell you a bit about me. Five years ago I lived on the streets. I lost so much weight that all my bones showed. I was so hungry. Then mom spotted me in a parking lot and came out and petted me for a long time. She kept trying to pick me up but I wouldn't let her; a cat on the streets has to be very careful. Eventually, she nabbed me and we went for a ride in her truck to what is now my home. It's a beautiful home. I have an entire room that is just mine and I can come and go from it as I please. I have canine brothers and sisters, and there are guinea pigs to watch, too. I'm good though and never touch the little piggies. There is always food for me, so I never have to worry about being hungry again. I have so many toys and beds and houses, you just wouldn't believe it. And I'm not thin anymore. My fur is thick and shiny, and my mom says I'm the most beautiful, amazing cat in the entire world. She loves me so much. I'm very lucky. So this is why I know she'll take good care of your cats while you're away from home.

A Cat's Dream Treehouse has lots of toys and places to climb. The playroom looks just like the jungle. There are trees to climb on, scratching posts, toys, water fountains, cozy spots to rest, moving butterfly lights and the sounds of birds chirping in the trees. There is even a window with a huge perch where guests can sun themselves and watch the action outside. This is especially great; I know because I have one at home. It's everything a cat dreams about.

My mom is certified in animal behavior, pet first aid and CPR, emergency animal rescue, and grooming. She likes to help animals in need whenever she can. A Cat's Dream Treehouse is a part of A Dog's Dream Daycare, LLC, which has been open since October 2008.


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